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dr Piotr Sulik

Psychiatry specialist

I am Psychiatrist with many years of experience. In am very involved in my work, i’m focusing on individual and holistic approach to the patient. I specialize in treatment of most difficult i drug-resistant cases using the transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) method. I’m a member of the American Clinical TMS Society. My office is a safe place to work with your problems.

About the office

The psychiatric and psychological office is located in the historic Branicki tenement house at 34 Smolna Street in the very center of Warsaw. The intimate place is hidden in the outbuilding of the tenement house, which ensures 100% anonymity. It was designed from scratch with a view to maintaining acoustic comfort and a friendly atmosphere. Thanks to the appropriate technology used, people in the waiting room will not hear a word from the conversation taking place in the office. Appointments are arranged in such a way that the patients miss each other as little as possible.


drSulik Mental Health and Neuromodulation Clinic

Smolna 34 lok. 26 (ground floor, staircase on the right side of the courtyard), Warsaw, Poland

Office opening hours: Mo - Fr 9:00 - 16:00

T: 796 222 773 (registration)